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"Receiving this report has been an amazing boon to my perspective on life, myself, and my future. It not only helped me assess my present, but gave me a marvelous understanding of past events and helped me anticipate future ones. My ascendant sign was indeed key to unlocking it all, and I was thrown by how spot-on the reading was, how in-depth in was, and how it afforded me an understanding of myself that I was never able to put into words before. Thank you, Goddess Flight, for offering this service to those of us who are in search of answers. It has truly changed my life."

"Ernest and I would like to thank you for the wonderfully insightful report you've provided us with. The two of us always believed we complemented each other, but now we know how. After our astrological readings, we're more certain than ever that we're meant to be. I'm the kind of person who looks at the big picture, who tackles life with great emotion, drive, and desire. Ernest is much the same way. Your report helped us see that although we might have some battles along the way, it's only because we're pushing each other. Our ultimate goal is a common one and I'm so overjoyed that this is so. Your report was just the confirmation we needed. We can't thank you enough."

"What I loved most about my Life Progressions report was that it didn't shy away from pointing out areas in my life that I could perhaps improve upon. It's clear that its primary purpose was to help me, and help me it did. I have trends to look forward to, as well as some challenges to ready for. Thanks to your report, I can do just that. It seems that nowadays our daily lives are in a constant buzz, in fast-forward mode, and we fail to see a lot of what is right in front of us. Such was the case with me. That is, until your report came along!"

"Thank you, thank you for my Opportunities report. It was filled with such insight, concerning my aptitude, career, and outlook for the future. It's given me just the jolt I needed. How fascinating to get such pinpoint details on work environment, site location, industry, and more. I'm absolutely floored by the breadth of astrology. We think we know ourselves, but after reading my report, I can honestly say that I've never been in more touch with me as I am right now. Considering my goals, both present and future, I needed this profile to help me understand what opportunities await, so that I can recognize them and also, go after them. I'm ready!"

"Goddess Flight, thank you. Any fears I had about learning of my past lives were quickly put to rest by your thoughtful and thorough report. Once I began to read about what lives I had led before, those that I carry around with me daily, I just couldn't stop. I found so much from my past in me today, it was incredible. This report and its accuracy makes me want to know more about astrology and divine readings: what answers they hold and what they can teach me about myself and where I'm going. Thank you so much for the amazing introduction."

"This report truly gave me an overall sense of who I am and how I relate to others, from my general nature to my energy and drive to my ideals and spirituality. These are things that I had considered from time to time, but was never able to get a definitive handle on. Until now. What I loved most about my reading was that it presented me with such unique, incredibly rich information and then left it up to me to act. I've never had such an honest assessment of who I am, both pros and cons, and I definitely am not going to let it go to waste. Changes are on the horizon for me and I just wanted to personally thank you for helping to make that possible."

"Ernest and I have never been this content and it's all thanks to you. As you can imagine, there was a lot riding on our sympaticos report and as we waited for it, we were anxious to know what astrology would tell us. Thankfully, any and all fears were quickly allayed as our romantic profile was just what we were hoping for. No, it's not all perfect for us, but we never thought it would be. We know that our relationship is something we need to work for and as your report profoundly pointed out, it's just one more common goal between us. We're just so thrilled we took this step together. Our profile was indeed a great gift."

"What a wonderful reality-check. Thanks to my divine report, I now know what I have to do to make harmony in my life a reality. I learned certain things about myself that I was aware of but perhaps didn't want to face. Now I have though, and that cognizance is everything. My Rising Sign proves to me that it's possible to make the most of what I have and I intend to. Everything negative can be turned positive. That's what your report has taught me. It's helped center me and I just know, I'm well on my way now. Thank you so much for helping me get on the path!"

"What a comfort it is to be able to peer into the future. To anticipate the wonderful and to prepare for the not-so. My monthly astrological reports from Goddess Flight have been amazing and are with me now always, saved in my trusty notebook. The coming year looks to be a challenge, but thanks to you, I'm armed with the knowledge to face it head-on and to devise a way to turn it in my favor. This has truly been one of the best investments I've ever made an entire year's worth of readings already proving invaluable!"

"I was overwhelmed by this report, written just for me. I always knew that astrology provided insight, but this was more than I could imagine. It addressed me specifically, expounding on my mindset, my ambitions, my aspirations, and my search for that person who can take it all without flinching. That's so true. That's so me! I know that the report says that my astrological reading is merely an outline, but what an incredible one it is. Upon reading it, I feel energized, ready to take on the world around me in a way I never thought before. It is an empowering gift, one that every woman should give herself. Its impact will last a lifetime."

"Thank you for a truly inspiring report. The past year has not been an easy one for me and, until turning to www.goddessflight.com, I was expecting twelve more months of the same. Your report was honest, insightful and has touched me deeply. I now feel fully prepared for the tough times ahead, but - more importantly - I'm looking forward to all the happiness to come. Your words were a wonderful reminder of the incredible life ahead of me. Bless you for restoring my joy and my hope."

"This was not the first tarot reading that you've done for me, and it certainly won't be the last. Your observations are always startlingly accurate. They bring me clarity in times of confusion and hope when all seems lost. Once again, your reading has provided me with the strength and certainty to make challenging decisions and the courage to move my life in a much more positive direction. May you be blessed with happiness, for you have brought so much to me."

"I wanted to tell you how invaluable the AstroCartoGraphy reading has been to me. Before contacting Goddess Flight, I was full of fear - I was moving to a new city and had little confidence in what my future there might hold. Thanks to your guidance I have experienced only contentment and harmony in my new home. Your wisdom helped me to avoid all of the potential problems ahead and I now cherish my wonderful life. Wherever my future travels may take me, I will be turning to you for advice."

"I would like you to know that I will be keeping my Biorhythm Report somewhere very safe - I don't know how I ever coped without it! The report has taught me to work with my life's natural rhythms instead of fighting against them. No longer do I feel guilty about periods of low energy - instead, I welcome the chance to unwind, safe in the knowledge that my vitality will soon be returning. Your report has given me a sense of calm and harmony in an otherwise chaotic world, and for that I would like to thank you."

"Thank you so much for your incredible insights. At stressful and uncertain times your tarot readings never fail to guide me forward. Your predictions are always accurate and honest. They prepare me for events which would otherwise overwhelm me, and give me renewed faith in the beautiful future ahead. When facing difficult situations, your words give me the courage to continue. I don't believe I can ever express how much your advice has meant to me."

"I am writing to share my gratitude at the sense of calm you have brought to my life. Once again, you have provided me with an insightful and invaluable guide to the coming days. Your words have brought clarity to an uncertain situation and confidence where I was feeling none. Many thanks must go to all at www.goddessflight.com for the optimism and motivation which your ongoing support has instilled in me. May the future bless you all."

"Your incredible reading has given me insight where I had none. For years I've been flitting from job to job, never quite satisfied and never able to settle. This inspiring reading has enabled me to step back from the situation and to see my strengths and ambitions clearly. At last, I have a clear vision of my own beautiful future and have taken my first steps towards a rewarding career. My thanks go out to you for the wonderful new direction which your support has encouraged me to take."

"My sister bought me a Time Line as an engagement present, and I had to let you know that it's the most amazing gift I could have received! I'm thrilled to find out my wedding will be during such a lucky period, and I will be referring to the chart time and time again in the run up to the big day, finding out which are the best times to make big decisions, and when to stop and relax. The Time Line really is a map to the upcoming year, and I wouldn't be without it."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. We turned to you during a rocky patch in our relationship, and without your words of wisdom I can't say we would have survived. Your insights have made all the difference to us. You have taught us to derive strength from our differences, to cherish our similarities and to care for one another through difficult times. We will be recommending your guidance to all of our friends; we simply cannot thank you enough for the harmony you have brought to our lives."

"I had to write and tell you how far the Past Life Reading exceeded my expectations! I had had my doubts about how accurate an internet reading could be, but every word of my report rang true! Never before have I felt so in tune with my own motivations. My quirks and character traits suddenly make sense, and for the first time I feel in control of the thoughts and fears which have always held me back. By teaching me how to consider my past, goddessflight.com has given me the strength to shape my future. Thank you!"

"Many thanks for my astrocartography report. You have taken a great weight from my shoulders. I was unsure how my relocation to another town was going to affect my life and your explanation of how the planets influence the place one lives and one's response to these influences was a real education. Now that I have arrived at my destination I clearly see that your report was spot-on! It is impossible to put a price on peace of mind and this is what your report has given me in abundance. I know what sort of people to avoid here and what behavior to look out for in myself. Above all, I understand essential benevolence of the planetary influences and the subtle changes in these influences over time. I can recommend astrocartography as an exact and affordable reading to anyone wanting to know more about the place they where live or the place they are headed. Thanks again."

"I was a bit dubious when I ordered my Astrotalk astrological profile so imagine how surprised I am now to feel this excited. I understand now why my life has gone the way it has and why people regard me the way they do - and all this just from supplying you with my birth details! I have learned that I have a very fortunate chart. My dreams and ideals have been thrown into sharp focus and it was revealing to read about my 'burn rate'. It is comforting to know that my personality is integrated with the cosmos and wonderful to know exactly how and why. To know exactly who one is, is a priceless insight. To anyone who is thinking about having an Astrotalk analysis I say: go for it! It is well worth the money to have one's entire being explained in terms of the entire astrological universe."

"This has got to be the biggest bargain I have come across in years. I received a detailed 12-month forecast of my biorhythms complete with color charts that I can apply in my everyday life. Before I go to the gym in the morning I read my biorhythm forecast for the day or that phase of the month and I know if I can make big decisions or if I should avoid them, if I'm feeling low I am helped to understand it is merely because of planetary influence and not my own negativity. Above all, I know when I am at my highest potential and when to act to make a huge difference in my home and workplace. Everyone should have their biorhythm forecast done. It will make the world a better place. Thank you Goddess Flight."

"It makes so much sense. Once each month the moon returns to the exact position it was at your birth. I have always thought that this must have some kind of energy impact and your lunar return forecast was confirmation of this. I was amazed to be able to read a DAY BY DAY analysis of how the moon and planets would affect me every day for the past month. It was fascinating to plot the days and see the energy in my life match the forecast. I can't believe that for under $20 per month I can get such a close and intimate daily guide to my life and fortunes. If this is astrology, I'm sold! Please send my lunar forecast for next month."

"What would you give to know exactly how your partner thinks and how compatible you are I ask this because it needn't cost the world. In fact, it cost me just $24.95 to gain the greatest insight I have ever had into my beloved partner. And the numbers don't lie. I ordered my numerology report (all I had to supply were my and S's birth details) and then I settled down to read it. I found myself crying for joy. It explained so much about how she responds to me, why she ignores me sometimes and quite simply why we love each other so much. It told me exactly how these energies were going to play out for the year ahead. Thank you a thousand times for this valuable information. I encourage anyone who is in a close relationship and needing guidance to request a numerology report."

"I had been experiencing a spiritual "blockage" for a long time, and then I heard about these spiritual path readings and ordered mine. What a fantastic revelation it was! It analyzed my attitudes to core beliefs, my mental state, and explained exactly where I had been making mistakes, how to correct them and how to move forward on my spiritual way while being kind and gentle to myself. Thanks especially for your great wisdom on karma and dharma. I can recommend the spiritual path report as an affordable way as an accurate and eye-opening introduction to spiritual development via your birth chart."

"Your Just for Women report really spoke to me. Owning your inner masculine self, developing my mind, my special edge and of course creating a loving and nurturing home are the challenges I face, like all women. To see this analyzed in terms of my birth chart was a moving and inspiring experience. Now I know the facets of myself I was scared to confront. The analysis also taught me where my strengths lie and how to make the most of them. Love, sex, money, control - you cast light on all these aspects of my life. Thank you!"

"I have always been a very cautious person and no less so when I met M and thought she might just be the one for me. A family member recommended I get a relationship reading from you and I am glad I did. I realize now that I was so busy seeing the relationship from my perspective that I was completely unaware of what she was thinking and feeling. This reading told me, loud and clear, where she stands, and since I received it we have talked a couple times through the night coming to a deeper understanding of each other. Next week I'm going to pop the question. Maybe I would have anyway, but it helps a lot knowing that she really is Ms Right. It's written in the stars!"

"In middle age I encountered a number of personal problems and found that I wanted to know what made me "tick" on the emotional, spiritual and sexual front. Your relating potential report was a complete revelation to me and to say it has been useful is an understatement. It is extraordinary to think that simply by supplying by birth details I received a detailed analysis of my drives, ambitions, hopes, limitations, you name it - a full picture of my innermost self that is more accurate than I could ever have imagined, let alone put into words. It has helped me to get on with my life and choose my future direction carefully. For anyone who has reached a phase of self-examination in his or her life, this is a valuable resource. Thank you Goddess Flight"

"This reading was just the best! My partner and I (and our friends) are profoundly aware that when we are together doing anything together- traveling, entertaining, just living - energy is present that is not present when we are apart. Our positive astrological compatibility is noticeably powerful. Your Simpáticos reading made clear exactly why this is so. Our composite astrological chart presents an entirely new dynamic to the two of us, a whole greater than the sum of its parts, and confirmed that we are meant to be together! It's amazing how you manage such an accurate reading at such a distance. Extraordinary! We recommend Simpáticos to all lovers. Peace."

"Thanks so much for a quick response and an interesting reading...How does one pick up things so well over the internet I wonder? Anyway, thanks again for an insightful reading."

"GREAT tarot read! thanks so much! superfast e-mails and great person to work with! will get another tarot spread soon! In love and light~"

"I am your new BIGGEST FAN! I am impressed with the accuracy and thoroughness of all of the readings. Thank you for providing this valuable service!"

"Wow, Thank you again! My friend LOVED her reading. Thank you for providing a way to uplift another persons spirits."

"FABULOUS reading! Thank you so much! Fast, professional and accurate. One of the best online readings I have had."

"Super reading!!! Right on target!! I didn't even ask questions... she just really tuned into my life right now..will be back! thank you so much!!!"

"Wow the reading was so good!! I've been trying to change and make things happen.. Thank you so much..I'll be back..Thanks so much!"

"Thank You! I do hope the predictions for the future are as accurate as those for the past!"

"I appreciated...it was a great reading! We are brought to those we seek at the time we need them :-) It's nice to have an objective reading for a change."

"I was so happy with my reading...so true and accurate...well done.."

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