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Kim Turner: I was born on the 9th March (apparently I am a typical Pisces, never sure if this is good or bad?!) in the seventies to a Scottish mother and an Australian father, in Toronto, Canada. I have one wee brother. We came to live in Aus when I was about five. I was encouraged to read as a child (Mum is the world's greatest bibliophile!), and I read anything I could (can) get my hands on. I love Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland (especially Through The Looking Glass, "And can all the flowers talk?"), The Water Babies, The Narnia Chronicles, Neverending Story, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings - all of which I had read at least once by twelve or thirteen. Coupled with films like The Goonies, Gremlins, Beetlejuice, The Princess Bride (Wesley and his "As you wish..."...sigh...), The Dark Crystal, Legend, Labyrinth, Dracula, Blade Runner, LadyHawke, Edward Scissorhands - oh! well you get the picture! : ) Along with music by Kate Bush and David Bowie...

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