Local Space Relocation Astrology Report


Where to live is something most of us care about. What does astrology have to say about the place you were born? What if you moved to another city, how would that affect you? Where is the best place for you to live? These are just a few of the questions that most of us have about relocation.

Do you know where you want to live? Find a perfect place to spend your life today!

Your Report Includes:

  1. 1. User-Friendly Maps that show you which cities are aligned with personal your natal chart planets.
  2. 2. Coordinates and Main Influences
  3. 3. Key planets and Interpretations
  4. 4. Areas of harmony and challenge
  5. 5. The best places for you to grow and enjoy life, while using your talents and skills
  6. 6. Best Places for love, wealth, health and happiness

Choose the location and this relocation report does the rest.

You can bring about change by moving to a different location, or even by just visiting a different location--a location that is in tune with a particular planet and its qualities.

Local Space Relocation Astrology Report 25+ pages includes:

  1. 1. Introduction to Relocation Astrology
  2. 2. Your Chart
  3. 3. Main Influences
  4. 4. The Key Cards
  5. 5. Horizons
  6. 6. Directional Highlights
  7. 7. Space Transits
  8. 8. Conclusion
  9. 9. Your Relocation Map
  10. 10. Your Major Cities

Discover Your Power Places Now:

Place of Birth:


If you do not know your birth time, 12:00 AM will be used.

1 city report should focus on:

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Clients say:

"Before contacting Goddess Flight, I was full of fear - I was moving to a new city and had little confidence in what my future there might hold. Thanks to your guidance I have experienced only contentment and harmony in my new home. Your wisdom helped me to avoid all of the potential problems ahead and I now cherish my wonderful life. Wherever my future travels may take me, I will be turning to you for advice."

"I was unsure how my relocation to another town was going to affect my life and your explanation of how the planets influence the place one lives and one's response to these influences was a real education. Now that I have arrived at my destination I clearly see that your report was spot-on! It is impossible to put a price on peace of mind and this is what your relocation report has given me in abundance. I know what sort of people to avoid here and what behavior to look out for in myself... I can recommend astrocartography relocation as an exact and affordable reading to anyone wanting to know more about the place they where live or the place they are headed. Thanks again."

The Local Space Relocation Report

Local Space is a powerful relocation technique and it is easy to understand. Just imagine that at the moment of your birth your father picked you up and walked outside. As he looked around the landscape, he could perhaps see the Sun in one compass direction, the Moon in another, and (if it was an evening birth) perhaps Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in the night sky in still other directions.

Local Space is a powerful way to get a sense of what you might experience in different locations, and how you might or might not fit in. In addition, a list of major U.S. cities are included with an indication what might happen in each of them. You can also study the enclosed map, making sure to look at the lines in your Local Space chart for the planets that might interest you that go near them.

Divine Guidance as You Journey through Life and Love. Your Goddess Flight.