Spiritual Path Profile

Your Spiritual Path Profile

This is a very personal guide to following the true path you were destined to walk.

The voice within you will not be denied. Is your spiritual path beckoning? Would you like to see your way more clearly? The right path is a source of peace and harmony. For each of us the path of spiritual development is unique. But did you know this journey is defined at birth in our natal chart? Your journey along your individual path to spiritual fulfillment only becomes a struggle when you stray or are lead away from your natural course. This astrology profile does not define your religious or philosophical choices, it simply helps you to clarify and confirm your own most intimate spiritual needs and desires.

Your Spiritual Path Astrology Profile gets crystal clear on: 

  1. Your Creative Process
  2. Core Beliefs
  3. Communication and Mental Development
  4. Self Esteem and the Development of Spiritual Partnerships
  5. Doubt, Resistance, and the Development of Psychic Ability
  6. Death and Transformation as Spiritual Processes
  7. The Development of Intuition
  8. Self-Awareness and the Use of Intuition
  9. Karma and Dharma
  10. Transcendent Values
  11. Your Spiritual Persona
  12. Expressing Spirit in the World

This astrology sign profile delves into your birth chart to find those unquenchable points of light waiting to illuminate your personal path, the seeds of spiritual destiny given to you alone at birth, to nurture and unfold into the flowers destined to surround you as you rise along the path. This reading is a spirituality guide to growth and healing. Guidance your spirit can’t miss!

Is your spiritual path beckoning? Would you see your way more clearly? This astrology sign profile will light the way.

Your Spiritual Path Astrology Sign Profile report provides a systematic look at astrological factors that together add up to a spiritually oriented map. As you come to understand your unique map, you can move forward through life joyously and courageously, knowing that the path is appropriate to your personal beliefs, desires and needs.

The best spiritual path is one that allows you to use your natural talents and skills. Sometimes your latent abilities will require training and practice to develop into spiritual tools. In this astrology sign profile we will consider a number of possibilities to help you get a sense of your talents, and how to develop and use them.

The voice within us will not be denied. 

There is the still, small voice of the spirit calling us on to a greater quest, cracking open the door to the higher transcendent path that waits when we are ready for the journey.

Just as the planets, signs, and houses can paint the doubts, conflicts, and resistance that you must face every day, at the same time they possess a higher level that describes the special opportunities tailored for you in the spiritual world.

We develop according to our own character IN SPITE of everything. The voice within us will not be denied. It continues to drive us, inspiring us to change and grow. It cannot be eradicated and it never gives up.

As strange as it may seem, the very moment you entered the world’s confusion — the instant you were born — contains within it the kernels of your greater calling. In this unique, compassionate astrology sign profile report, discover the secrets of your personal quest as revealed in your natal birth chart.

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If you do not know your birth time, 12:00 AM will be used.


Clients say:

“What a wonderful reality-check. Thanks to my divine report, I now know what I have to do to make harmony in my life a reality. I learned certain things about myself that I was aware of but perhaps didn’t want to face. Now I have though, and that cognizance is everything. My Rising Sign proves to me that it’s possible to make the most of what I have and I intend to. Everything negative can be turned positive. That’s what your report has taught me. It’s helped center me and I just know, I’m well on my way now. Thank you so much for helping me get on the path!”

“I had been experiencing a spiritual “blockage” for a long time, and then I heard about these spiritual path readings and ordered mine. What a fantastic revelation it was! It analyzed my attitudes to core beliefs, my mental state, and explained exactly where I had been making mistakes, how to correct them and how to move forward on my spiritual way while being kind and gentle to myself. Thanks especially for your great wisdom on karma and dharma. I can recommend the spiritual path report as an affordable way as an accurate and eye-opening introduction to spiritual development via your birth chart.”