You In-Depth Astrology Reports

All about you and your life path: You In-Depth Bundle Astrology Reports

Who are you? The divine chose a special moment in time for your birth. All of the planets in the solar system aligned to create a very special, unique person – you! You are SO much more than you think you are. Learn your true worth and importance. Knowledge. Is. Power. This is authentic astrology for every area of your life.

  • What are your astrology sign characteristics?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What are your hidden potentials?

Get 4 in-depth reports focused on you:

1.    Astro*Talk – a detailed natal chart and analysis with all the basic astrology information.

2.    Spiritual Path – A very personal guide to following the true path you were destined to walk.

3.    Opportunities – explore which careers and work environments will bring you success, fulfillment and happiness.

4.    Your Past Life – Understand the past life events and dramas that led you to your current state of soul evolution.

A $60 package for only $36. That is a 40% discount!

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Clients say:

“I had been experiencing a spiritual “blockage” for a long time, and then I heard about these spiritual path readings and ordered mine. What a fantastic revelation it was! It analyzed my attitudes to core beliefs, my mental state, and explained exactly where I had been making mistakes, how to correct them and how to move forward on my spiritual way while being kind and gentle to myself. Thanks especially for your great wisdom on karma and dharma. I can recommend the spiritual path report as an affordable way as an accurate and eye-opening introduction to spiritual development via your birth chart.”

“I was a bit dubious when I ordered my Astrotalk astrological profile so imagine how surprised I am now to feel this excited. I understand now why my life has gone the way it has and why people regard me the way they do – and all this just from supplying you with my birth details! I have learned that I have a very fortunate chart. My dreams and ideals have been thrown into sharp focus and it was revealing to read about my ‘burn rate’. It is comforting to know that my personality is integrated with the cosmos and wonderful to know exactly how and why. To know exactly who one is, is a priceless insight. To anyone who is thinking about having an Astrotalk analysis I say: go for it! It is well worth the money to have one’s entire being explained in terms of the entire astrological universe.”