Spiritual Card Readings

What is a Spiritual Card Reading?

Spiritual card readings are readings that connect with your spirit. The purpose of a spiritual card reading is to help you create a better life. So, there is no gloom and doom prediction. There is only a picture of how your past created your present. Most importantly, there is a vision of how to use the present to create your future.  Spiritual card readings are like helpful friends that give you sage advice.

Most people find a spiritual reading with oracle, goddess and angel cards helpful because they help validate their own intuition. They also give a new picture of how to proceed with choices or decisions. When the cards are laid out, the client can see the whole picture. Each card tells a story about your spiritual path in life.


Types of Spiritual Card Readings


Tarot Card Readings

For centuries, people have used tarot as a tool for spiritual introspection and spiritual guidance. Tarot card readings can bring you clarity, validate your intuition, and replace confusion with decisiveness. Gain insight, clarity, and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, life changes, career, health, spirituality, and family. We all want to understand what is going on in life from every angle. Explore your life questions.

Angel Card Readings

Are you listening to the angels? They are here to help you. There is great potential for spiritual healing and wholeness when working with the angels.Angel card readings offer one way to access this divine healing and wisdom in your life. All angel readings can be done for anyone, no matter their spiritual beliefsEach reading is blessed and charged with white light to give it power and accuracy. Connect with the angels.

Goddess Card Readings

There is great potential for healing and wholeness through Goddess energy. Goddess Oracle Card Readings are one way to access this divine feminine wisdom in your life. Understand Your Present and Transform Your Future. (Goddess Readings are done for both men and women.) our Goddess reading can focus on: Relationships, Life Choices, Healing Guidance, Connecting with the divine feminine, Future Visions. Reclaim your inner goddess.