Relocation Astrology

AstroCartoGraphy is Relocation Astrology.

Find your perfect place with relocation astrology! Where do you belong? What place suits you best, makes you happiest, offers you the most? Where you live can be crucial to your success and well-being.

Choose any 3 locations & find out:

1. Is this a good place for you to live?

2. How will your work or business thrive in this location?

3. Is this a place where you can find friendship, romance and love?

4. If you must go there, how do you make the best of it?

We move for family, career, weather, community, and even for health. Very few of us stay in one place forever. With the whole world at our fingertips in this modern time, how do you know where you truly belong? Which part of the globe will bring you the most success and happiness? Find your power place—the location where you can make it all finally happen. Relocation Astrology (also known as AstroCartoGraphy) uses your natal birth chart to determine how successful you will be in a certain region. Good luck can become your way of life. Love will surround you. You can feel complete and fulfilled. For those who haven’t been fortunate enough to find their “power place” – There is hope! The Relocation Astrology report will lead you to the right place. Depending on how the city you choose combines with your birth chart, a report can be anywhere from only a couple pages to a dozen pages. There is no specific length for this report.


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