Relationship Rescue

Rescue your relationship! Rescue relationship readings tTransform your relationships and manifest love. ALL you need to know about each and every relationship you have. Friends? More than friends? Family? Co-workers? Use the planets and stars to gain IN-DEPTH insight into ANY relationship. Get your hands on four personalized relationship compatibility reports. Finally know EVERYTHING about your relationship and its chance of survival. Love advice and tips (for men and women) you can use.

You will receive 4 in-depth charts that go beyond relationship advice and transform your relationships:

1.    Our best-selling Love and Compatibility Synastry Chart. Compare the astrology charts of two people to discover the strengths and challenges in your relationship. Are you really meant for each other? Learn if your relationship will survive the test of time.

2.    The Relationship Compatibility Blended Composite Chart is a blueprint for the relationship you and another person share: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual chemistry. An energetic connection is present that has power over the direction of your relationship. Understand how shape and shift the future of your relationship.

3.    The Relating Potential Analysis (x2) reveals your relationship personalities. You receive an analysis report for both people. What do you bring to the table in the game of relationships?  This is powerful relationship advice help.  All areas of relating, sexual as well as psychological are highlighted.

Learn how to get along with anyone—yes, anyoneA $60 package for only $42. That’s 30% off in savings!

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