Relationship Potential Astrology

What is your relationship potential?

Do you need a relationship rescue or relationship advice?

Transform ALL of your relationships

The Relating Potential report reveals your relationship personalities.

What do you bring to the table in the game of relationships?

Find out with the Relating Potential astrological profile.

This is powerful relationship advice that works!

All areas of relating, sexual as well as psychological are highlighted.

Learn how to get along with anyone—yes, anyone!

Learn how to manage your interactions.

Life is about relating – relating to friends, lovers, business partners, your parents, your kids, neighbors, your in-laws, and people on the phone, online or in person.

Chances are you spend half your time interfacing with someone else, and your heart and your pocketbook depend on it.

So how well do you do it?

Are you a risk taker, a wallflower, a mixer, a loner, a seeker, a hider?

Do you really know?

What this report does for you is sort your relationship personality.

Get a penetrating look at your:

  • General Nature
  • Inner Responsiveness
  • Mentality
  • Needs, desires, sexuality
  • Energy, drive, activity
  • Expansiveness, growth, success
  • Seriousness, concentration, limitations
  • Originality, spontaneity, independence
  • Imagination, ideas, spirituality
  • Power, fate, mission

This powerful astrology report gives tips, advice, counseling, and help for any romance or love compatibility problem or question.

And it’s great for business, friendship, and family relationships, too!

From the boardroom to the bedroom – it’s all about relating.


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Clients say:

“In middle age I encountered a number of personal problems and found that I wanted to know what made me “tick” on the emotional, spiritual and sexual front. Your relating potential report was a complete revelation to me and to say it has been useful is an understatement. It is extraordinary to think that simply by supplying by birth details I received a detailed analysis of my drives, ambitions, hopes, limitations, you name it – a full picture of my innermost self that is more accurate than I could ever have imagined, let alone put into words. It has helped me to get on with my life and choose my future direction carefully. For anyone who has reached a phase of self-examination in his or her life, this is a valuable resource. Thank you Goddess Flight”

“This report truly gave me an overall sense of who I am and how I relate to others, from my general nature to my energy and drive to my ideals and spirituality. These are things that I had considered from time to time, but was never able to get a definitive handle on. Until now. What I loved most about my reading was that it presented me with such unique, incredibly rich information and then left it up to me to act. I’ve never had such an honest assessment of who I am, both pros and cons, and I definitely am not going to let it go to waste. Changes are on the horizon for me and I just wanted to personally thank you for helping to make that possible.”