Love Compatibility Astrology Chart

Love Compatibility Astrology Chart for friends, family, coworkers, or lovers. Compare the astrology charts of any two people to discover the strengths and challenges in your relationship. Are you really meant for each other? Learn if your relationship will survive the test of time.

 Rescue your relationship! Transform your relationships and manifest love. ALL you need to know about each and every relationship you have. Friends? More than friends? Family? Co-workers?

Gain in-depth insight into any relationship. This astrology compatibility report is tailored specifically for lovers, friends, family, or associates – you pick the version you most want to find out about. It’s a counseling astrologer’s guided tour of your relationship. First, you get a quick look at how you yourself approach relationships – insights into your strengths and challenges when it comes to pairing and sharing. Second, you get a full read on how you relate to this other person in the relationship. Third, you see your partner’s basic setup, strengths and weaknesses, followed by a detailed picture of what you look like to the other person.

If you’re asking:

• What brought you together?
• What will keep you together?
• What makes you love each other?
• What role does each of you play in your relationship?
• How do you make your differences work for you?
• How do you make your relationship thrive and grow?
• What makes each of you happy?
• What do each of you need?
• What can break your relationship, and what can mend it?
• How do you keep your relationship on course?
• How do you get it back on course if it goes astray?
• How do you make it fun and keep it happy?

…Then you’ll want a copy of this report! You decide… this is the ultimate in self-empowerment.


Tell us the FIRST person’s birth data:

Place of Birth:

If you do not know your birth time, 12:00 AM will be used.

Tell us the SECOND person’s birth data:

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If you do not know your birth time, 12:00 AM will be used.


Clients say:

“I have always been a very cautious person and no less so when I met M and thought she might just be the one for me. A family member recommended I get a relationship reading from you and I am glad I did. I realize now that I was so busy seeing the relationship from my perspective that I was completely unaware of what she was thinking and feeling. This reading told me, loud and clear, where she stands, and since I received it we have talked a couple times through the night coming to a deeper understanding of each other. Next week I’m going to pop the question. Maybe I would have anyway, but it helps a lot knowing that she really is Ms Right. It’s written in the stars!”

 “Ernest and I would like to thank you for the wonderfully insightful report you’ve provided us with. The two of us always believed we complemented each other, but now we know “how.” After our astrological readings, we’re more certain than ever that we’re meant to be. I’m the kind of person who looks at the big picture, who tackles life with great emotion, drive, and desire. Ernest is much the same way. Your report helped us see that although we might have some battles along the way, it’s only because we’re pushing each other. Our ultimate goal is a common one and I’m so overjoyed that this is so. Your report was just the confirmation we needed. We can’t thank you enough.”