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Life Progressions Astrology Forecast

Make the Right Choices at the Right Time!

Your free will determines your destiny. Life continually changes and moves forward in time... changing us along with it. Your astrological natal chart reflects these changes throughout your lifetime. The physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual changes we experience throughout the course of our lives can be predicted and plotted by carefully observing the progression of our natal chart through time.

This exciting astrology forcast helps you make the right choices at the right time, avoiding unnecessary stumbles and pitfalls. This insight into your future can help you proceed through the maze of life. Life Progressions Astrology Forecasts offer direction and guidance that can put you on -- and help you stay on -- a successful path towards realizing your full potential.

The Life Progressions Free Will Astrology Forecast gives you a clear picture both of your inner growth throughout the years and the outer developments. Your culminating joys, your growing pains, your crises and triumphs: it's a picture of how and when it all falls together for you.

You want a copy of this report! The Life Progressions Astrology Forecast (based on your Secondary progressions) is direct, easy to read and simple to understand.

Inner Growth, Outer Developments.

One of the astrologerís oldest and most reliable tools for prediction and to describe life development is something called progressions. Everybody uses it, but not many people, even astrologers, know what it really is.

On the outside, itís just a formula. Essentially, it claims that the developments in every year of your life correspond directly to the planetary movements of each day after your birth. A day equals a year. That means, for instance, that what happens when youíre 30 years old is described somehow by what happened in the sky just a month after you were born. It seems crazy, at first. A month-old baby hasnít even gotten to first base, so how could it possibly mean anything?

But on second look, this free will astrology forecast is not crazy at all. Take a look at a tiny oak just sprouting from an acorn Ė itís not much. But look at it 100 years later, and Ė well, itís pretty much the same shape, just bigger and more complex. And, more important, each new branch that sprouts again re-imitates the original. In the veins of the first leaf, you see the outline of the whole tree to come. Itís simple scaling, and itís the very essence of growth. The pattern you develop at the beginning is the one you mimic as long as you continue to grow Ė it just repeats itself at a different, more developed scale, keeping the same inner shape and rhythm. Thatís why those first three months of life (which by progression will take you to age 90), deserve a closer look.

We are born into an existing progression of change, through which we evolve and grow during our lifetime. Being conscious of our position in this succession of change helps us more clearly define and understand ourselves. An awareness of our current life situation relative to a larger, evolving chain of events helps us negotiate the challenges that confront us in our daily lives.

This Life Progression free will astrology forecast (based on the technique of Secondary progressions) describes experiences and understandings relative to particular aspects, thus depicting the effect of these planetary aspects on an individual. The report covers a period of at least one year. The time period covered by the text in the Life Progressions free will astrology forecast varies according to the nature of the astrological event associated with each paragraph. A paragraph referring to a progressed Moon will cover a much shorter period than one referring to the zodiacal sign on a progressed house cusp.This free will astrology forecast is intended to enhance the natal chart, not to replace it. The two go hand-in-hand. The progressed chart brings to fruition the promises of the natal chart.



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