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The World's Largest Spells Archive - 1001spells.com

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1001 Powerful Spells Archive

We're thrilled and proud to be able to link up with 1001spells.com, probably the best Spells Archive site on the internet today.

By clicking on the link below you will be taken to 1001spells.com, where you will be able to access 1001 free online spells and free spell casting services.

The Spell Archive is the world's largest pagan and wiccan resource for spells and other occult information. The online Book of Shadows program makes managing spells easier. You can add spells, bookmark spells for easy reference, search for information, and access it from any Internet-connected computer. With thousands of spells and articles to choose from, the Book of Shadows is a powerful resource for anyone interested in the mystical arts.

Full Multimedia -- Designed to look and act like a real book, the Book of Shadows program takes full advantage of everything multimedia has to offer, including animated page turns and rich graphics for an unparalled online experience.

Search -- Searching for spells is easy. Simply type in what you are looking for and click "Find It". The search program will match your keywords against spell titles, descriptions, components, and the actual text of the spell.

Free Spell Casting Services -- Exclusively for our members, we also provide a complete spell casting service where we walk you through the creation of a custom spell, helping you to define your wishes, and then release that spell into the universe on your behalf through a special ritual. This feature is included in your membership package and is offered at no additional cost.

Something For Everyone... -- As you can see, the 1001spells Spell Archive is a better way to find the spells and rituals you need to accent both your spiritual and normal life. There's truly something for everyone and new content is being added on a daily basis. Subscribe today to begin enjoying all the benifits of 1001spells.

Click Here To [ Access The World's Largest Spell Archive! ]


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