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Divine Guidance as You Journey through Life and Love. Your Goddess Flight.

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball


How to do a Crystal Ball Reading

By VisionSeer

Always hold the highest intention when asking for spiritual guidance. Your intention determines the response you receive. Lower energies will respond to lower vibrations. As a result, your response will not necessarily be for the highest good.

Asking questions such as, Will my lover leave his wife? Is a question that comes from a space of insecurity, dishonesty, manipulation and fear. As a result, your guidance will also come from these negative low vibration places. You do not want to live in this energy or attract this energy to you.

Asking a question such as, How can I attract true love into my life? will be for your highest good, and you will receive the most loving and supportive guidance that will actually bring true contentment to you. Remember: We may not always get what we want because we often end up with something much better than we ever imagined. Release your need to make things happen as you want, so that you do not block Spirits best wishes for you.

It is also best to only ask your question once. Of course, asking related follow-up questions is reasonable. However, asking the same question over and over is obsessive and addictive behavior. These low level energies will bring you inaccurate answers.

Never ask for guidance from a place of Shoulds and HaveTos. Your guides do not judge or criticize you. They believe you are a perfect soul on a perfect path having a human experience. They are not ever going to say, You SHOULD do this...You SHOULD have done that...You MUST be this way..You HAVE TO do it that way... The Divine will only offer you gentle and loving guidance to bring you positivity.

So, when asking questions of the crystal ball (or any type of divination), never ask the oracle, What should I do? Do I have to do this? How can I make this happen as I wish? Only ask, What is the guidance on so-and-so for my highest good? Or, What guidance do you have for me on so-and-so for my highest good? Or, What next action can I take on so-and-so for the highest good of all involved?

Do online oracles really work? Yes, they can. Oracles and divination are tools to receiving message from your guides and the Divine. No matter the oracle, even if it is an online script, you are opening yourself up to spiritual guidance. In the modern world, we can receive spiritual guidance through technology. As long as we believe, have pure intentions, are in a positive space, and are open to listening, even this fun (and free!) crystal ball can give us some support and psychic insight.

Divine Guidance as You Journey through Life and Love. Your Goddess Flight.

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