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“Receiving this report has been an amazing boon to my perspective on life, myself, and my future…”

“What a wonderful reality-check. Thanks to my divine report, I now know what I have to do to make harmony in my life a reality…”

“What I loved most about my reading was that it presented me with such unique, incredibly rich information and then left it up to me to act...”

“After our astrological readings, we’re more certain than ever that we’re meant to be. I’m the kind of person who looks at the big picture, who tackles life with great emotion, drive, and desire...”

“What a comfort it is to be able to peer into the future. To anticipate the wonderful and to prepare for the not-so. My monthly astrological reports...”

“I was overwhelmed by this report, written just for me. I always knew that astrology provided insight, but this was more than I could imagine. It addressed me specifically...”

“This was not the first tarot reading that you've done for me, and it certainly won't be the last. Your observations are always startlingly accurate. They bring me clarity...”

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Biorhythm Chart and Forecast

Tune in to Your Inner Rhythms

Do you want more energy, vitality and emotional control? It's all about your monthly rhythms. These inner rhythms are called Biorhythms. Here's the chart to keep on hand, so you know what state you're in today and tomorrow.

Know your Inner Cycles!

There are three main rhythms/cycles that peak every month and call the shots:

1. Physical cycle (every 23 days) -- Your coordination, strength, well-being. It regulates strength, endurance, sex drive, stamina, initiative, metabolic rate, hand-eye coordination, resistance to and recovery from illness.

2. Emotional cycle (every 28 days) -- Your creativity, sensitivity, mood, perception, awareness. It regulates emotions, feelings, mood, sensitivity, sexuality, fantasy, temperament, nerves, sensation, reactions, affections and creativity.

3. Intellectual cycle (every 33 days) -- Your alertness, analytical functioning, logical analysis, memory or recall, communication. It regulates intelligence, logic, sense of direction, decision-making, judgment, mental reaction, alertness, power of deduction, memory, and ambition.

Be prepared for critical days when they come using a biorhythm calculator.

Forecasting the ebb and flow of your physical, emotional, and intellectual energies can give you an advantage in everything you do. Business, personal relationships, finances, health, athletics, your studies, and even your love life can benefit from knowing your own personal cycles . . . or someone else's.

Act in harmony with the natural rhythms & cycles that influence your daily life.

Using your personal biorhythm forecast and chart to help plan your month, week, or each day can have a positive impact on your entire life. This Biorhythm Forecast gives you your chart and a full interpretation of the month. Stick it in your calendar at work. It may come in handy.

Don't plan your day without a Biorhythm Forecast. Change your destiny. Starting today!

LINK: View Celebrity Sample     Price: $14.95 (12 Months)     LINK: Add to Cart

Clients Say:

"I would like you to know that I will be keeping my Biorhythm Forecast Report somewhere very safe - I don't know how I ever coped without it! The report has taught me to work with my life's natural rhythms instead of fighting against them. No longer do I feel guilty about periods of low energy - instead, I welcome the chance to unwind, safe in the knowledge that my vitality will soon be returning. Your report has given me a sense of calm and harmony in an otherwise chaotic world, and for that I would like to thank you."

"This has got to be the biggest bargain I have come across in years. I received a detailed 12-month forecast of my biorhythms complete with color charts that I can apply in my everyday life. Before I go to the gym in the morning I read my biorhythm forecast for the day or that phase of the month and I know if I can make big decisions or if I should avoid them, if I'm feeling low I am helped to understand it is merely because of planetary influence and not my own negativity. Above all, I know when I am at my highest potential and when to act to make a huge difference in my home and workplace. Everyone should have their biorhythm forecast done. It will make the world a better place. Thank you Goddess Flight Divination."

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