What Is A Spiritual Relationship?

Have you found your soulmate?
by Regina Schwartz

A Spiritual Relationship is when the two or more parties involved experience harmony, joy, understanding and peace. With a spiritual relationship the persons involved are connected at the heart. Emotionally they sense the deep connection they have together, and it is felt at their core or heart. A spiritual relationship is one that has a spiritual union felt both physically, mentally and at other levels. Both parties feel like their spirits are connected. There are certain people we connect to instantly. These are people to whom we have karmic connections. The same holds true for people we can’t stand immediately. We have a karmic connection with them as well. Both of those types of relationships are spiritual because our spirit as or essence either is attracted or repelled beyond our conscious control.

A soul mate is another spiritual relationship that many folk encounter in a lifetime. With a soul mate there is a karmic connection that can span several lifetimes or incarnations. We can have more than one soul mate and they can be incarnation with us in a lifetime or serve as a spirit guide if they are not incarnated in our lifetime. Soul mates have shared many experiences with us and know us inside out. This kind of spiritual relationship can be very deep and stir both positive and negative emotions out of us. Just because someone is a soul mate does not make him or her always peaches and cream with us.

For the most part, a spiritual relationship has a lesson for us to learn. They give us the tools to develop characteristics and qualities that we need as human beings. Spiritual Relationships can also be identified with the patterns we pick in relationships. Issues of abuse, abandonment, love, manipulation, power struggles, intimacy and rejection all fall under the category of karma and spiritual relationships. These situations all teach us a lesson or two. The trick is do we really learn from these types of experiences or ignore the lesson. This is particularly true when one partner executes power over the other as a dominating person over a dependant person. The karmic lesson is the struggle that ensues as the dependant person struggles to regain the independence and get their power back.

Sometimes we become spiritually stuck and cannot evolve in a relationship. These are not spiritual relationships. These types of relationships hold us there not allowing for growth or other experiences. It is true that being a victim, martyr, persecutor, rescuer or love addict may have a karmic lesson but in this case the spiritual lesson is learning how to let go.

In conclusion a true spiritual relationship is one where both parties feel wholeness and complete together. It is the harmonization of male and female energy, which creates freedom within the relationship to accept each other unconditionally without hidden agendas. In a true spiritual relationship one know how to give or take without being asked and to meet the other parties needs without question.

Regina Schwartz has been involved with metaphysical practices through her great grandmother since the age of Nine years old. She is a polished medium and reader. She has had her own psychic phone line since 1998. Her site is a must for information on Psychics, Readings, Mediums and Spiritualists. Visit it at: psychic information. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Regina_Schwartz

8 thoughts on “What Is A Spiritual Relationship?

  1. John says:

    I don’t understand you can have a connection to someone who is offensive or an antagonists
    I am a lawyer and I know I when a Client is lying to me / I call it a bs detector or my crap threshold

  2. Bhavesh b naik says:

    Dear regina, i love you too, i admire your words and i completly believe it too. As i wanted to know how many spiritual relationship you can have cause i am fallen in love and i feel many lovely angels loves me back, kind of an affair anyways too make it real how should i go about, so far it has been difficult handling all of them together but i am sure they all will find a way out! In love we believe in light we see as in everything we feel and believe! Peace and bless you!

  3. Nkateko says:

    When it comes to Spiritual connections and all I I am completely clueless but now I have this thing going on in my life. I Think I am spiritually connected to this person and we both know it. Its like I can sense his energy randomly and to some degree I think I know what he is thinking. The problem is with this connection is that its so real but in reality we don’t get along. 5 min is a lot n can barely stand each other. There’s always something we are arguing about. I really don’t understand.

  4. fabulous23 says:

    Do the both of you have God in your life? Are you both allowing God to lead your life. ?.. truly seeking God should bring peace among believers. .. not confusion. . The K.J.V BIBLE is the best one yet. .. God is love, we should show forth love. ..

  5. Lucky one says:

    I am in a relationship and our connection is so strong. We are both smart people and yet this feeling is so complex to describe. We both feel it in the core of our hearts. First time feeling this way and I am loving every second of it, it’s been 8 months and it’s still there. I am wondering if this is a spiritual connection. Forgot to mention we are both in our 40’s.

    • Michelle says:

      Lucky one: I would most definitely say this is a deep spiritual and emotional connection. You both have a heart connection, feel the loving energy and are wise in your ages to know what is real and lasting. Blessings!

  6. Dust says:

    Recently I have met someone and she says she has met me before for some reason. I didn’t really take the time to think about it, but then I remember a lot of things in my life where, I didn’t feel complete and our energy together connects really well together as I’ve realized.
    2 months ago I started seeing the same numbers over and over again. Then things started to go completely downhill for me. But when I met this girl, it’s like the hole was patched up. And I ask myself, “Where has she been all my life?”
    Last Week, I told her I was gonna go talk to somebody. So I did. But when I left this place, it’s as though I knew where she was. I felt this energy leading me to her and before I know it I stopped in my tracks and looked over to my left, staring at a closed door. When I went in, there she was talking to a teacher. And it’s crazy how I felt this energy, because it lead me to her without even knowing where she was. And how I’ve never been in this classroom before.

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