Let the Goddess Out to Play!

by Sara Zink

Let the Goddess Out to Play!

For thousands of years women have been splintered and fractured. Men, as well, have been cut off from the vital aspect of the feminine, leaving an imbalance in our society. Reclaiming the ancient goddesses from folklore, and our collective unconscious, we give ourselves permission to make ourselves whole.

You are invited to the world of the Goddess. She is known by many names and faces, from many traditions and cultures but she does not ask you to give up the faith you were born into or the spiritual beliefs you cherish. She comes into your life in addition to any other form of spirituality you hold dear. She comes to enhance who you already are and open a new way for you to see and know yourself; heal and enrich your spiritual journey.

However you choose to experience the Goddess – as a bowl for healing and change or a divine living symbol awakening the Goddess within you. Both offer great changes in your life. Great courage and support are necessary on this path.

Bast bats at you with her paw to urge you to come and play with her. It is time to divert to something that is amusing, fun, and totally recreational. Has play been a low priority for you? Do you know how to play? What does play mean to you? Perhaps you’ve been working so hard that you’ve forgotten to give yourself a play break. The Goddess tells you the way to nurture wholeness lies in engaging in play. It is time to discover the ways you are able to play and do it!

Awaken the Goddess. The Goddess awakens confidence, belonging and self-esteem.

Requirements are a clear open mind and childlike wonder.

Goddesses do cajole but mostly they inspire.

The very essence of Goddess is inspiration and adoration.

It is so important that we nourish ourselves – body, mind and spirit.

Avenues of discovery may include:

Spiritual, Supernatural, Inspiration, Vision

Peace, Relaxation, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming

Ritual, Spell Casting, Magic, Psychic Phenomena

Auras, Yoga, Hypnosis, Astrology, Tarot

Humanity when thinking of a nurturing, creative presence that loves unconditionally: the thought of the feminine expression arises.

“To acknowledge the Goddess in someone is to acknowledge their importance. It is also to legitimize their every feeling as a woman. It is to let them cry and let them sing. It is to openly express adoration of the place of everyman’s birth. There is worship but here is frailty not perfection and there is blessedness not religion.”

“Imagine there is someone in your life you can depend on to pamper, heal, revitalize you and treat you royally. Pick something that would bring you great pleasure and agree to give it to yourself.”

(The Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway)

“Light a candle and relax in a favorite chair. Take yourself to a movie, out to dinner or to a museum exhibit you have been meaning to see. Buy yourself a gift. The best way to keep your soul nourished is to create an ongoing environment for this nourishment.” (The Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway)

“Magic is the art of causing changes in consciousness according to will. The Goddess is the container and the ritual is the recipe for the magic we create.” (Dion Fortune)

You are the magic.

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  1. Natalie Ann Kelly says:

    Hi im nat im very happy to be doing this iv been giving an affirmation by the divine above im an earth angle of kindness can you please give me an insightful ness of whom I was ,ware iv been anything that would help me get to help others iv always known that im physic and iv been told that I’ve great healers gifts my hands are very powerful I really need your help to get the details that are connected with this kindest regards Natalie Kelly

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