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Beyond Reiki
by Kalin Staikov

This article will provide you with some information on what Reiki really is. Where Reiki comes from and what you can do with it.

Reiki is a healing energy based system or at least it started as one. Rei means Universal and Ki means energy. Universal Energy is the direct translation of Reiki. This energy could be channeled to anyone who wishes to enjoy its benefits. Everything you need to channel Reiki is an attunement from a master/teacher. Today USUI Reiki or the traditional Reiki is not the only source and guide to this amazing energy. No one really knows where Reiki comes from. Some says that it comes from a goddess who made it be a part of the human DNA and today everyone via an attunement could gain access to the energy source.

You can believe whatever you want to but know that - all energy no matter what kind comes from God. There is one source and many ideas. When you channel the energy it will mix into your life bringing you benefits which you may not see but they will be present changing your life slowly in amazing directions.

As I said before Reiki began as a healing system and many just wish the energy to someone who is sick and it vastly recovers him providing him with everything his body needs. To give you an inside of what really happens I will tell you one law that is not universal. It means that in a different dimension it may not apply. But now and here in the physical dimension it is. The law says that all matter can turn to energy and therefore all energy can mix and turn into matter. This law is mass-energy equivalence and the first one who actually says it was Einstein.

By that law and by all means you are Light and by that law you may turn to everything you want because you are the creator of your own experience. If you wish something to happen it will come because you provide it with energy and it comes into your life by one other law called law of attraction. Law of attraction on the other hand is universal law. However now in this article I will not cover that law.

I would like simply to provide you with an idea on how you can use Reiki. It is a simple system I have been working on for some time now. It is a cause chain bringing your awareness into the matter you want to achieve or call into your life experience.

The technique you need to know is called visualization. Perhaps to many of you visualization is nothing new. All you need is your imagination. Just imagine and by doing this you are visualizing. Let’s say you are on the road and the traffic is too high. The time is against you and you want to get to somewhere on time but the traffic is preventing you from doing so. You are saying to yourself how all these traffic lights are preventing you from reaching your goal and how these cars in front of you don’t want to let you move on the right way heading toward your goal. You are in fact wishing everything to stay like this even without actually wanting it. You are attracting this experience to stay like this and therefore soon you will be late for work, for date or for whatever you are going to do. Time is slowly pushing you and if you use the system I will talk about you will simply see how it all goes away. The traffic lights are smiling green at you and everyone else are letting you go as you let go of all experiences that will prevent you from reaching your goal on time.

It is time to move on. You are reading this so there is no better time for you but now. It is all going to happen for you when you wish it to happen and why not now? If not when?

Visualize clearly your goal as you are soon about to reach it. Put it on steps. Step one is always you. You need to do whatever you want but starting with you. You are the beginning and the end always. Starting from yourself visualize the road letting you go. This will be step two as you are the first step. Your final destination will be step 3 – a park, your work place… visualize it! . And then you need to go back visualizing the road which is now step 4 and you which is now step 5. You need to go to that final destination on time so you wish you go visualizing these steps.

These steps are now real because you wish them to be but they are not able to come into your experience. You need to allow them. To make them vivid and allow them you need to energize them right now when you are vividly seeing them in your mind. As you watch over all these steps send Reiki. See how it reaches them one by one making them shine upon your near future. It will be like if a powerful light is bringing all steps together finally ending with you. This is the point when you allow it to happen and Reiki called by your intention will help you on your way like a true friend smiling toward you. You are finally there seeing your goal completed.

In fact you can do all that without Reiki but having Reiki will help you as the energy will break down all limits, all boundaries that are there to prevent you from reaching your goal. You will not even need to let go of what is stopping you. Reiki when strong enough brought to you by you via intention will energize your way pushing and breaking all that may stop you.

Let’s now say it all over again. You have a goal. You visualize it into steps starting and ending with yourself. Then you energize that way of causes making the effect of achieving your goal.

Many people want just to wish something like having money for example. I was down that road too. And now I will tell you a story on how I did it. I love photography and I wanted to make a web site for it. That’s why I made this simple web site with galleries and articles: [http://photography.12gbfree.com/]. There I added whatever I like. I am still adding stuff. I said to myself that I need to have something in there to give me profit and that’s why I put some links to others using AdSense. Today you can see stuff like different software products into my web site that are letting people know about many things that they may need if they are interested in photography. Like for example Adobe Lightroom which I am very happy to use.

Then I start visualizing. I started as always with myself and then I went to Internet, to my web site, to Google’s AdSense and everything else that is there and finally I end it all with myself. This putted me into circle which I energized using Kundalini Reiki. Yes, I used a system of Reiki that is not traditional. You can use whatever energy system you want to. The key is the proper visualization and the proper energy transfer. You don’t need complicated ways. Just a few steps toward your goal energized by your personal energy system which could even be one made by you as God is always there for everyone who want to reach Him no matter the way.

Let there be always Love & Light around you!

For more information on how to reach the author please check out: http://reiki4thee.blogspot.com/ http://myspace.com/kalints Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kalin_Staikov


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