3 Simple Steps to Taking a Leap of Faith

Leap of FaithTake Your Leap of Faith & Land on Your Feet!

3 Simple Steps to Taking a Leap of Faith

Does the thought of taking a big leap of faith in your life terrify you?

You are not alone.

Research shows that the number one thing people regret on their death beds is not what they did or the mistakes they made—instead, they regret what they did not do.

I am sure we can all relate to that feeling of regret.


If I only had done so and so…

If only I had at least tried when I had the chance…

How would my life be different today if I had made that change years ago…


Here are three easy simple—and effective—steps to taking a leap of faith in your life today.

1.       Realize that self-doubt and fear will not disappear when taking a leap of faith. They will be constant companions who stick with you through the whole process. However, never let either stop you from beginning or persisting. See your self-doubt and fear as companions you take with you and politely tolerate, but stay focused on accomplishing your task. Realize that the defeating messages they whisper in your ear are about staying safe and staying right where you are. The negative voices will quiet down, once you begin to get somewhere interesting on your new path.

2.       Having a plan of action with specific actionable steps is necessary. Often, we see taking a leap of faith in life as jumping off a cliff and hoping to land somewhere near our target. We begin going with the flow and see where our path takes us. This can be fun and interesting. However, it also disempowers us and lets outside forces have the primary influence over us. Yes, plans change and synchronicity is important. However, we need to start out with a very clear vision and organized plan. Otherwise, who knows where our leap of faith will take us or when we will get there.

3.       Be prepared to fail and try again. If taking a leap of faith or changing your life was easy, everyone would do it. However, what usually happens is people start to try, experience a setback, and then run back to the old and familiar. Know upfront that there will be mistakes, unexpected surprises, and uncertainty. How do you deal with disappointment or failure? Do you let it win and then hide away in fear? Or, do you take a deep breath (or ten), calm yourself down, and begin to tweak your existing plan of action back towards success? We really do learn from our failures, so have the maturity to deal with them directly and use them to your benefit.

Choose your goal or dream, take these three steps, and watch your whole life change. It works!

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