2015 Will be a Lighter Year

2015 Will be a Lighter Year. You will hear many spiritual people say our purpose in life is to heal, evolve, balance karma, learn life lessons, and love. But what it all means is, We are here to become lighter, so become the purest light.


Lighter in mind.

We meditate, say affirmations, forgive others and express gratitude all to feel lighter. We focus, practice and try hard. We work at it. We study and read about it. We put forth tons of effort to tame our “monkey mind,” trying to make ourselves peaceful. In other words, we focus on the problems we want to be free of and change.

In 2015, try a new approach. Don’t worry about how to make yourself forgive. Instead, focus on being filled with love. Not on feeling love or making yourself love. Just be love. Don’t try to clear all thoughts from your mind. Instead, focus on the crown of your head (the 7th chakra) beaming with a halo of pure white light.

Focus on the divine light. Whatever you focus on, you become.

Lighter in body.

Ah, yes, the New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape. How many millions of people will try to get slimmer and trimmer in 2015? Ultimately, what people want is to be lighter. Why? When you are a healthy weight, your body works better, you sleep better, you feel better, tasks are easier and life is more enjoyable. So we start the year out with grand goals and tons of motivation. We ignore the quiet voice of self-doubt that wonders if this time, Will we really change our body for good?

How about a lighter approach in 2015? Instead of working hard, being disciplined, using your will power, losing pounds and building muscles, try this: In 2015, I promise to consume less and move more. That’s all. Plain and simple. No calorie numbers. No workout schedule. No struggling and pushing forward.

Your vibrant body will lead you to a divine life.


Lighter in spirit.

If you’re looking for a religion, you’ll find more than you know what to do with. What you really want is to live as a spiritual being. We ask ourselves: Are we on the right path? What work are we destined to do? How can we make a living following our passion? Are we with our soul mate? What lessens do our challenges and illnesses have for us? All of these questions are part of the spiritually-focused life.

The good news is, you do not need to answer any of these questions in 2015. So, just be in the moment. Let the past and future go for that moment. I promise, the past and future will continue to exist even if you ignore it. So, there is no need to focus on either. They don’t need your attention.

Does it really matter if you know it all or have all the answers? Things will continue to change, no matter what you have figured out.  Be in the moment. Being in the present is honoring the divine. When something is balanced, there are no heavy sides. You, too, can be balanced when you let go of heaviness. There is no need to struggle, strain or force.

You can get to where you want to be using the path of least resistance.

Travel your path gently and mindfully. Like a beautiful being of light shining through the year.

How will you make your 2015 lighter? Share your thoughts and ideas below. I want to hear your inspired ideas!

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