Angel Card Readings

Reading Layout Descriptions:

Angel Analysis Angel Card Readings This four card focused angel reading gives you a quick overall look at any situation. Learn the past influences, what is affecting you now, possibilities for the future (about 6 months), and what the overall message and lesson is.

Relationship Wisdom Angel Card Readings The Relationship Wisdom Angel Reading helps you understand any type of relationship on a deeper level. 8 cards reveal: how the relationship is helpful to you; how the relationship is a distraction to you; what the relationship is teaching you; how the relationship is helpful to the other person; how the relationship is a distraction to the other person; what the relationship is teaching the other person; where the relationship is now; where the relationship is going.

Two Way Choice Angel Card Readings This 6 card Angel Reading will assist you in making a choice. Take any life situation and the two choices you could make. Look at: the helpful aspects of choice 1; the lesson to understand from choice 1; the outcome of choice 1. Then, look at: the helpful aspects of choice 2; the lesson to understand from choice 2; the outcome of choice 2. You can then make the best choice for you.

Soul mate Situation Angel Card Readings This Angel reading is for when you have a special someone in your life. Discover if this person is your soul mate, how the person really feels about you, and where the relationship is headed. 4 Angel cards focus on: purpose of relationship; block in the relationship; the Angels’ guidance; the probable outcome.

Love Ahead Forecast Angel Card Readings This Angel reading is for when you do not have a special someone in your life. Discover when or how you will meet your soulmate. The 5 card Angel spread focuses on: how to prepare to meet the new person; the other person’s blocks; your blocks; Angels’ guidance to heal these blocks; Angels’ message about this new relationship.

Life Purpose Revelations Angel Card Readings Deep in our souls, we all know we each have a divine purpose on this planet. If you are asking the important questions, this reading is an excellent choice. What is your life purpose? What step should you take next in your career? Is a new business a good idea? This 5 card Angel reading looks at: what you’ve learned in the past; what you’re currently learning; what steps to take right now; how you can best help others; your life’s purpose.

Angel’s Abundance Angel Card Readings Abundance exists everywhere for all to share. So why is it we sometimes experience lack in our lives? Look at your abundance karma and attain steps to creating unlimited abundance in your life. This 7 card angel reading focuses on: what you learned about money as a child; your current beliefs about money; blocks to abundance; Angels’ guidance about abundance; the next best step to take; what to expect after you take this step; how to keep abundance flowing in your life.

Angel Healing Angel Card Readings The Angels need only our permission to bring healing into our lives. They want us to be healthy, happy, and whole. This Angel Healing Reading is excellent for guidance on your own healing or the healing of a loved one. Look at: past issues about health; present health issues; the Angels’ guidance about healing; what you’re still learning; the lesson within the situation; the outcome, based on current conditions.

Guardian Angel Contact Angel Card Readings Our Guardian Angels are always there when we call for them. This reading gives you a focused way to contact your Guardian Angels and receive their guidance. A simple 3 card reading tells you: who is with you; what message this angel has for you; and, how your angel is helping you at this time.

Angel Guidance Angel Card Readings If you have a specific concern, issue, person, or situation you have questions about, ask the Angel’s for their guidance. Be open to receiving what the Angels want you to know. A 4 card Angel Guidance reading reveals: theme of the day, situation, or relationship; possible block; guidance on healing this block; the probable outcome, based on current thoughts and circumstances.